June 6, 2024


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Transatel pushes the boundary of IoT connectivity towards Latin America

Transatel (an NTT company), a global provider of Managed IoT Connectivity Solutions, has announced entering the Latin American region, making Brazil its regional operational and infrastructural base.

After Europe, North America, and Japan, Transatel is now expanding its core network infrastructure in Latin America to support international IoT (Internet of Things) and IoV (Internet of Vehicles) connectivity deployments in 2025. With almost double-digit growth in cellular IoT connections, Latin America region is witnessing an increasing adoption of Internet of Things solutions across industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, transportation, healthcare, and smart cities. Businesses are leveraging IoT technologies to improve operational efficiency, enhance decision-making processes, reduce costs, and offer new services to customers.

Transatel is already offering 2G to 5G and LTE-M data connectivity through its own access agreements with national mobile network operators across the region. As part of its expansion strategy in Latin America, the company has registered as a full MVNO in Brazil, in partnership with mobile carrier TIM, and shall install no less than 2 regional points-of-presence (POP) in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

Brazil is the fastest-growing economy in Latin America. It is also amongst the most regulated markets from a telecom perspective, making it complex for international players to deploy their critical IoT assets. Among the global cellular connectivity service providers, Transatel distinguishes itself by achieving full compliance with local regulations and legal norms, while maintaining a high level of service level agreement commitment required for connecting high-value IoT assets such as vehicles.

“Since its inception in 2000, Transatel has always favored a GoLocal approach: global capabilities, with local support. Having a core network and a commercial infrastructure in Brazil will enable us to maintain the highest quality of service for our clients. Unlocking the full potential of 5G will ensure maximum throughput and minimum latency for critical IoT and IoV applications across Latin America, and beyond. We will focus initially on supporting key industries like automotive, manufacturing, smart cities and mobility, energy, utilities as well as agriculture and mining where our unique private cellular networks extension capabilities will bring tremendous value.” says Bertrand Salomon, Deputy CEO and co-founder of Transatel.

Pioneer of broadband IoT and M2M connectivity, Transatel has grown into one of the leading global data MVNO, providing managed IoT connectivity in more than 200 countries and territories thanks to hundreds of network access agreements with local mobile carriers. Its (e)SIM cards are embedded in millions of professional and consumer devices and vehicles that can seamlessly connect to public and private cellular networks all around the world. A global coverage recently augmented with three partnerships with non-terrestrial operators to ensure continuity of service, even in the most remote regions of the globe like Amazonia. Transatel’s extended client portfolio spans across industries and counts leading international OEMs and integrators such as Airbus, Jaguar Land Rover, Stellantis, and Worldline.

Beyond its own expansion, Transatel sees increasing technology and business synergies inside the NTT group. Some major contracts in the automotive industry have recently been secured thanks to the strong collaboration between Transatel, NTT DATA, and NTT Communications (Docomo Business).

Jefferson Anselmo, Senior Vice President LATAM, NTT Ltd, says:

“NTT already has a strong base in Latin America. Still, with this expansion, NTT’s ambition is to further strengthen its position in the ICT sector by connecting smart mobility, industrial, and enterprise projects, making sure IoT technology is accessible for all. Transatel will be a key enabler to support NTT DATA’s Full stack Edge-as-a-Service deployment in the region.”

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