June 28, 2024


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Kraken exec criticizes Biden’s crypto approach, backs Trump’s campaign with $1M in ETH

Exchange Kraken’s co-founder Jesses Powell has disclosed a significant donation to support Donald Trump’s election campaign.

He has donated $1 million, mostly in Ethereum, to back “the only pro-crypto major party candidate in the 2024 presidential election.”  

I just personally donated $1m (mostly #ETH) to @realDonaldTrump.

For too long, the crypto industry has been under attack by Elizabeth Warren, Gary Gensler and others. Despite overwhelming bipartisan Congressional efforts to put clear rules in place, the Biden White House has… pic.twitter.com/Ksxf3P2oCb

— Jesse Powell (@jespow) June 28, 2024

Powell emphasized the need for pro-cryptocurrency leadership to push the U.S. to the forefront of innovation.

Jesse Powell criticizes Biden Admin, Elizabeth Warren, and Garry Gensler

Kraken’s co-founder attacked the current approach by the United States in regulating cryptocurrencies.

He stated President Biden has done little to nothing to promote digital currency innovation in the United States.

Powell expressed discontentment towards the Biden White House over cryptocurrency regulations. He believes the current watchdogs have failed to regulate the space.

He further criticized Senator Elizabeth Warren for her anti-crypto stance. In 2023, Warren told CNBC,

“There’s a new threat out there, it’s crypto, it is being used for terrorist financing, it is being used for drug trafficking, North Korea is using it to pay about half of its nuclear weapon program. We can’t allow that to continue.”

However, Elizabeth Warren has faced a backlash due to his negative stance on digital assets, with some calling his attitude illegal and secretive.

Elizabeth Warren’s war against #bitcoin and crypto is secretive and illegal because her extremist views are far too unpopular to pass as legislation. https://t.co/nlnxIQi3FT

— Pierre Rochard (@BitcoinPierre) June 27, 2024

Jesse Powel also attacked SEC chairman Gary Gensler for failure to establish a clear regulatory framework for digital currencies.

The Kraken exec trusts the current financial policies are hindering the U.S.’s competitiveness in the blockchain sector.

Donald Trump and the crypto market

The former U.S. president has seen massive acceptance in the digital assets community due to his pro-crypto stance.

Powell’s move to back Trump for the better of the crypto industry in the U.S. matches Trump’s views on the asset class.

Donald Trump recently emphasized that the United States should mine all the remaining Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, the Biden Admin has faced criticism over its crypto regulation policies, which many view as harmful to digital transformation.

Powell’s massive donation towards Trump’s campaign underscores the increasing political support in the crypto market.

Industry experts trust the 2024 U.S. presidential elections are crucial in shaping the crypto market’s future.

Proponents believe a Trump victory will be a massive win for the global cryptocurrency market.

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