March 19, 2024


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Jim Jordan previews main focus of upcoming Hunter Biden hearing, blasts Hur report ‘double standard’

– Republican Congressman Jim Jordan previewed an upcoming hearing on the investigation into the business dealings of Hunter Biden and railed against the ‘double standard’ he says President Biden was the benefactor of in the investigation into his handling of classified documents.

‘We’ll see,’ the Ohio Republican told Fox News Digital on Saturday when asked about Hunter Biden previously expressing willingness to testify openly before the House before his legal team recently backtracked and objected to doing so.  

‘I think Chairman Comer, we’re going to have this hearing this week, this upcoming week with three of Hunter Biden’s business partners, Mr. Galanis, Mr. Bobulinski and Mr. Archer and what’s interesting, all three of those individuals tell a different story, and their story seems to match up with the three of them versus what Hunter Biden told us when we deposed him,’ Jordan said. ‘So we’ll see if Hunter Biden comes in. But we’ll go through this here and get information out to the American people.’

It’s going to be the comparisons between what these individuals said and what Hunter Biden said and the contradictions that exist in this testimony from both sides,’ Jordan told Fox News Digital when asked for a preview of what this week’s hearing on the Hunter Biden scandal will entail. 

Jason Galanis, Tony Bobulinski and Devon Archer, all former associates of Hunter Biden, were invited to participate in a House hearing on Wednesday as part of the investigation into an alleged corruption scandal that Republicans are suggesting could eventually lead to an impeachment vote for President Biden.

Fox News Digital reached out to Hunter Biden’s legal team for comment but did not receive a response.

Jordan, who was speaking to Fox News Digital near Dayton, Ohio where former President Trump was rallying for Ohio Republican Senate candidate Bernie Moreno, brought up the recent testimony of Special Counsel Robert Hur while discussing Hunter Biden, which he suggested was an example of President Biden ‘knowingly’ ignoring the law. 

I thought last week with special counsel Hur where we went through that, where we know Joe Biden knowingly retained and disclosed classified information, he knew the rules, he’d been in government five decades, he was the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was vice president, so he knew the law and willfully violated that law,’ Jordan said. 

‘And I think he did it because, special counsel Hur says in his report, he said Joe Biden was motivated to ignore classified procedures because he was writing a book and he got an $8 million advance so there are 8 million reasons why Joe Biden didn’t follow the law.’

When asked by Jordan last week during the House hearing on Hur’s conclusion regarding Biden’s handling of classified documents and his decision not to file charges whether he agrees that Biden had motivation to misuse the documents to write a book, Hur replied, ‘That language does appear in the report, and we did identify evidence supporting those assessments.’ 

The White House has pushed back on the idea that Hur’s report shows Biden’s actions possibly correlate with a potential book deal.

‘And then, of course, Mr. Hur concluded by saying even though he knowingly, willfully retained and disclosed, did it for the money, in my judgment, we’re not going to prosecute because he’s a forgetful old man and I think that came out loud and clear in the hearing we had this past week,’ Jordan added. ‘So we’ll have another hearing next week with these other individuals and we’ll go from there.’

Fox News Digital asked Jordan if he agreed with Hur’s conclusion that it would be too difficult to secure a guilty verdict from a jury with the current evidence.

If someone meets the elements of the crime, it’s the job of the prosecutor to take that to the jury and the jury decides,’ Jordan responded. ‘Mr. Hur and his evaluation, you weigh all things, so we have some respect for that of course, but what I do think comes clear is the double standard.’

‘You know, this idea that there are pressing charges and they have charged President Trump, they raided his home for goodness sake, but nothing happens here, and that’s what Americans really take away is the double standard.’

Several legal experts, including Fox News contributor Jonathan Turley, have recently suggested that the classified documents handling case against President Biden had more significant evidence than the case involving Trump.

Jordan told Fox News Digital he agrees with that analysis.

I think so especially when you see the report and you walk through the elements, particularly when he’s talking to the ghost writer, who, by the way, the ghost writer tried to destroy the evidence once he found out Mr. Hur was named the special counsel,’ Jordan said. ‘Go figure. If that’s not obstruction. I don’t know what is. So, I do think that again underscores this double standard that we’ve seen for such a long time.’

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