May 6, 2024


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IoT Connectivity Provider iONLINE Launches Intelligent Network Switching SIM With Multi-Network Resilience

iONLINE Connected Networks, an enterprise private LTE/5G provider supplying IoT connectivity solutions globally, has today launched FlexiSIM, its intelligent network switching (eUICC) SIM, in the United States.

Many businesses face challenges around network resilience, security, and scalability. These frustrations are worsened by ineffective SIM and data management with inflated cost structures. FlexiSIM solves these issues by offering a seamless, multi-network-resilient SIM card that is adaptable, affordable, reliable, and secure, ensuring that your devices stay connected both in the US and globally.

iONLINE firmly established its presence as a South African business in 2005 and over the last two decades has become a global enterprise with offices in Johannesburg, London, Sydney, and now Tennessee.

David Farquharson, founder and CEO of iONLINE, believes FlexiSIM’s multi-network resilience, combined with enhanced IoT security services and features, has a lot to offer enterprise organizations which use mobile networks to connect their devices.

“Unstable connectivity can have serious consequences,” he says. “It impedes growth, progress, and innovation, and hinders overall business operation efficiencies. Unreliable connectivity can be the deciding factor between a flourishing business and a failing one.”

Improve your company’s network resilience with FlexiSIM.

Security and privacy, management and control, scale and cost – these are very real concerns for companies doing business in today’s interconnected world. FlexiSIM’s emphasis on privacy, security, and management ensures these concerns are all but eliminated.

A cost-conscious solution, you will only pay for the data you use, nothing more. Better yet, you can control this down to the most granular level, overseeing all aspects with iONLINE’s intuitive CentralFlex data management platform. When it comes to IoT device monitoring, CentralFlex lets you quickly and easily collect and analyze different data points and metrics in real time, facilitating faster decision-making. You’ll no longer need to rely on sluggish and unresponsive MNOs to monitor your connections, data usage, and costs associated with incorrect bundle overcharges.

Built on a fully private and secure network, with dedicated routing and private IPs delivered to your network, FlexiSIM only connects to what you allow. You can do business with confidence knowing that your data, network, and devices are fully safe and secure.

Give delays, high costs, and lack of control the boot, and instead welcome a highly responsive, secure and reliable IoT connectivity network, backed by iONLINE’s world-class support.

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