March 8, 2024


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Introducing AIER’s “Qualified Opinions” Podcast

Today, AIER proudly introduces Qualified Opinions, a new podcast hosted by Veronique de Rugy that will illuminate the “challenges facing free markets, liberalism, and the political climate of today.” Each episode’s conversation will test the ideas and limits, the knowns and known unknowns, of freedom and order in contemporary politics and society.

In this first installment of Qualified Opinions, the conversation focuses on the return of progressive antitrust legal doctrines at the Federal Trade Commission under the direction of Lina Khan. What does this mean for the future of capitalism in America? Has Khan successfully inaugurated the recovery of discarded notions of antitrust favored by former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis? Or is she piling up losses, thus further vindicating the “Consumer Welfare” standard of antitrust that both the Left
and the National Conservative Right want to discard? Discussing these questions and more is the first Qualified Opinions guest, Adam White, Co-Director of the Center for the Study of the Administrative State at Scalia Law School, who has written widely on administrative state issues, including a widely read analysis of Lina Khan’s thought and tenure at the FTC in a piece titled “The Power Broke Her.

We hope you will listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts.