February 21, 2024


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emnify Announces IoT SuperNetwork SatPlus, Industry-first Converged Cellular and Satellite IoT Connectivity in the USA and Europe

Single eSIM, connectivity management and invoice, with flexible data plans to maximize device uptime and drive down satellite connectivity costs.

Today, emnify, the leader in cloud-native IoT connectivity solutions, announces the general availability of the industry’s first converged cellular and satellite IoT connectivity on a single emnify IoT eSIM.

SuperNetwork SatPlus is offered as part of the emnify SuperNetwork, the leading IoT cellular connectivity service providing multi-network coverage in over 180 countries.

The SuperNetwork SatPlus package combines emnify’s IoT-dedicated cellular access with Skylo’s non-terrestrial network (NTN) satellite service, enabling IoT device manufacturers, OEMs and application and solution providers to add a new level of service enabled by seamless, satellite connectivity failover for devices outside of, or disconnected from, cellular coverage.

SuperNetwork SatPlus opens up a whole new level of IoT connectivity availability for use cases in asset tracking, fleet management, building safety and security, agriculture, and more. IoT businesses can now differentiate their product and service experience and drive their top line revenues by offering a premium level of data connectivity service: ubiquitous coverage even in the most remote areas.

How SuperNetwork SatPlus works

emnify IoT SuperNetwork SatPlus is available in selected European countries and the USA and includes 10MB of cellular connectivity combined with options for 10, 30 or 60 satellite messages per month. With SatPlus, SuperNetwork customers have the security of ubiquitous, uninterrupted IoT connectivity, with seamless switching to satellite networks as devices leave cellular coverage regions. This converged offering is designed for customers that require high availability and a failover solution to be assured that critical application data, such as a high value asset’s position, will always be transmitted.

By enabling both cellular and satellite network access from a single eSIM, single management platform, and single radio module, SatPlus uplevels customer experience and drives down hardware and connectivity costs as it reduces operational overhead associated with adding satellite connectivity.

“Businesses around the world have had to contend with interruptions in their operations and services due to limited terrestrial network infrastructure and rollouts. Bringing together satellite and cellular coverage as a network of networks fills in the blank spaces on the terrestrial coverage map and provides an additional layer of connectivity backup. emnify is excited to be the first to commercially offer this enhanced level of truly global connectivity as part of the expanding emnify IoT SuperNetwork,” said Frank Stoecker, CEO and emnify Co-Founder.

“We are excited to accelerate the availability of the industry’s first converged NTN satellite and cellular connectivity offering through our partnership with emnify,” said Tarun Gupta, CPO and Co-Founder, Skylo.

“By delivering satellite and cellular connectivity in a single service, we’re helping IoT businesses increase the reliability and reduce the complexity of IoT connectivity, with a single provider, billing plan, and hardware configuration.”

emnify partners up with leading providers of purpose-built hardware

SatPlus is compatible with market-leading, affordable, converged hardware modules from Murata and IoT chipsets from Sony Semiconductor Israel (Sony), conforming with standard form factors and suitable for a variety of device sizes and designs.

“Designed for cellular IoT applications, the ALT1250 is engineered for devices which prioritize battery life, small size, and global coverage. The 4G/5G LPWA chipset supports 2G, CAT-M, NB-IoT and NB NTN connectivity options and is built to meet the needs of IoT device manufacturers looking to provide new levels of uptime and global coverage across business-critical use cases,” said Dima Feldman, VP Product Management and Marketing at Sony Semiconductor Israel. “Our collaboration with emnify, Murata and Skylo takes our vision forward, enabling IoT devices to connect everywhere.”

Module provider Murata is offering the Type 1SC radio module evaluation board including antenna and application development kit compatible with the SuperNetwork SatPlus service.

“The Type 1SC radio module combined with the Sony ALT1250 chipset and the emnify IoT eSIM provides a compact, low cost, CAT-M & NB-IoT module for a new breed of devices that support both cellular and satellite network protocols to provide global coverage for any type of device,” said Hirokazu Nakae, General Manager, Connectivity Module Product Department at Murata.

Customers interested in getting started with SuperNetwork SatPlus can learn more here. SuperNetwork SatPlus will be generally available in June 2024.

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