February 28, 2024


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1NCE is Now Live With Nationwide IoT in Brazil

1NCE customers now have nationwide access to Brazilian networks for better IoT at disruptive rates. 1NCE customers can use IoT everywhere in the Americas from Canada to Argentina, and across 168 countries worldwide.

1NCE, a company offering a software platform for connected products, today went live in Brazil.

Delivering nationwide network coverage and IoT software at disruptive price points, 1NCE is the best option for all companies needing unrestricted IoT access in Brazil.

From Canada in the north to Argentina in the south, 1NCE now has complete coverage in the Americas, and 168 countries worldwide. The company has secured agreements with all Brazilian cellular networks so that customers have the most reliable IoT possible in Brazil.

With 1NCE’s Lifetime Flat license, customers collect data and manage sensors at a price point less than half the current market rate. 1NCE is now a fully authorized IoT network operator with its regional headquarters in São Paulo, offering local data management, billing and logistics in full compliance to Brazilian trading, telecoms and tax regulations.

Ivo Rook, Chief Operating Officer at 1NCE:

“The wait for nationwide IoT in Brazil is over. It was no surprise our customers wanted to get started from the first minute we opened in São Paulo. We are scaling up rapidly and already serve customers with IoT projects of any size across all of Brazil.”

1NCE continues to establish itself as a new standard in IoT. In January, the company announced 1NCE Plugins, upgrading the platform with software from the industry’s best developers. 1NCE also recently started selling high data, allowing Lifetime Flat customers to access speeds up to 25 Mb/s.

Customer service, available in Portuguese and 24 other languages, can assist with SIM cards and chips compatible in Brazil. New customers can start at the 1NCE webshop.

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