July 10, 2022

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Foodpanda boosts support for delivery riders

ONLINE quick commerce platform foodpanda Philippines has ramped up its support to its partner delivery riders amid the higher inflation rate and fuel prices.

The platform said it partnered with the providers of fuel brands Seaoil, Caltex, Phoenix, and Unioil to offer exclusive discounts to foodpanda delivery riders, adding that it assisted the riders in enrolling in the national government’s fuel subsidy program.

“Since the onset of fuel price hikes earlier this year, we’ve already started coming up with programs and initiatives to assist our riders. Now that we’re facing an even bigger challenge, we’re ramping up our efforts even more to be of greater help to them,” foodpanda Philippines Operations Director Patricia Jacinto said in a recent statement.

Further, Ms. Jacinto said that foodpanda Philippines is also giving special incentives based on accomplished tasks to help augment the income stream of its delivery riders.

“We have been heavily investing in incentives they can get from accomplishing particular milestones or ‘quests.’ We have also recently started offering what we call ‘Bamboo Rewards.’ For every successful order they complete, ka-Panda riders get to earn bamboos in-app which they can redeem later for various items like merchandise, electronics, vehicle accessories, vouchers, and more,” Ms. Jacinto said.

The platform also allows customers to tip foodpanda’s delivery partners in which the full amount goes to the accounts of the riders.

“Since the beginning of the year, we’ve done awareness campaigns to inform and encourage our customers to tip their riders, whether through the app or in cash, to support the riders during these tough times especially if they feel the riders have done a good job with their order,” Ms. Jacinto said.

In addition to the support, the platform said it has also linked their partner riders to basic healthcare benefits, provided insurance protection, and offered telemedicine services.

Meanwhile, Ms. Jacinto said that foodpanda is monitoring the situation faced by its delivery riders.

“We hear their calls for actions loud and clear. In fact, in the past weeks, we have been reaching out and communicating with them to answer their questions,” Ms. Jacinto said.

“Our teams will continue to be available on-ground in case our rider fleet has any concerns they want to discuss, including those that they might not have mentioned in our regular surveys with them,” she added. — Revin Mikhael D. Ochave