July 21, 2021

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Demand is Soaring – Why is It So Hard to Boost Iron Ore Output?

Shell Decides to Fight Against Dutch Court’s Emissions Order

The nuclear industry is focusing on new reactor designs for climate change. And these are definitely needed. But it may make more sense for them to focus on a new type of nuclear fuel…

Food prices are now surging due to inflation. One supermarket chain owner thinks they could jump up as much as 14%. And restaurants are already raising prices in response…

Halliburton is currently the biggest fracking provider in America. And now, they are gearing up for several years of expansion in both US and foreign markets. Will the “multi-year upcycle” they see happening actually transpire?



Demand for Iron Ore is Soaring – So, Why are Miners Struggling to Boost Output Right Now?


New Oyster Project Gets $600,000 Grant – Will the Idea Improve the Health of Oysters Like They Hope?

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