July 18, 2021

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Even with a Small Rebound, Oil has Worst Week Since Mid-March


How a Novel Feeding Strategy Can Boost Fish Farmers’ Income

PayPal made news when they started dealing with cryptocurrencies. And now they are increasing the weekly amount of crypto users can spend. Will this help to bring the digital currency into the mainstream?

The demand for EVs has been growing since the pandemic began. And now it is causing small miners of lithium, cobalt and other needed minerals to develop mines and capacity in Europe. They rightly look to reduce their reliance on China…

Land-based salmon farming can be better for both the fish and the environment. And it’s been a hot topic in the capital markets. What should investors consider before they make an investment?



Crude Oil Did Start Rising Again on Friday – But Still Had Its Worst Month Since March


Is Biden Set to Just Repeat the Green Energy Failures of the Obama Administration?

Rio Tinto Had a Rough Quarter – and is Struggling to Hit Iron Ore Guidance