July 16, 2021

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Brazilian Biofuel Producer Raizen Seeks IPO – Should You Invest?


What Decarbonization will Happen in Transportation Sector?

Global electricity consumption is surging now that we are recovering from the pandemic. At this point, it is outpacing the growth of renewables. And the IEA is saying it could threaten global emissions targets…

Cryptos and NFTs are taking a toll on sustainability. At this point, Bitcoin miners are using as much power as Bangladesh. Will a new way come out soon that reduces emissions?

A genomic research breakthrough just happened with tilapia. And now, the fish is one step closer to being resistant to tilapia lake virus. What will this do for the aquaculture sector?



Raizen is a Brazilian Biofuel Producer – and They Want to Raise $1.34 Billion for an IPO


GM Had to Recall Their EV Bolt Because It was Catching on Fire – Now Telling Owners Not to Park Car Inside

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