July 12, 2021

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What was Covid’s Full Impact on the Energy Sector?


How are Easing Virus Curbs Affecting Gold Imports by India?

People are dumping pet fish into natural waters…and some weird things are coming from it. Two anglers in different states made headlines when they caught large goldfish in the wild. Conservation departments are warning about what this could lead to…

Canada’s aquaculture sector is now being given help to adopt clean technology. Up to $10 million in funding is being offered to improve things with renewable energy. But will this really help the industry?

Most food commodities are seeing prices rise due to inflation. But this isn’t the case with soybeans. They are now in a bear market after a huge upward revision of US stockpiles…



What was the Overall Effect of Covid on Energy? BP Details “The Mother of All Stress Tests”


A New Project is Making Snacks from Seaweed – But Will It be a Hit in the West?

Gold Moved Up on Friday – and Finished the Week with Its 3rd Consecutive Weekly Gain