July 9, 2021

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Biden Faces Green Dilemma in Push for Critical Resources

What’s the Truth About the Green Transition & Natural Gas?

Oil prices have been rising above $70 a barrel. But that doesn’t mean all oil producers are raking in big money. In fact, hedging contracts taken out during covid have locked in some low prices…

For the first time, the European Commission levelled their antitrust powers just because companies restricted technological development. They fined German carmakers around a billion dollars for colluding to limit the development and use of clean technology in diesel cars. Are the European countries stepping over the line this time? 

Lumber made news earlier this year when the price rose big time. But that trend reversed in June, with lumber falling over 40%. Read here to find out why that could be a good thing.



Biden Wants to Stop Relying on China for Green Resources – But That is Putting Him in a Dilemma


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