June 9, 2021

Commodity Reporters Guild

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How Did a Drop in Commodities Actually Help the Stock Market?



EIA Gives Forecast on Crude Oil – What Do They Expect?

This year has not been good to big oil companies. And it’s still getting worse for Shell. Now, Nigerians are blaming the company for “community problems” in Niger Delta…

Last week, corn futures went on a wild ride that would make Mr. Toad jealous. On Tuesday, they traded “limit down,” just to trade “limit up” 2 days later. What the heck is happening with this commodity?

There’s no doubt that last year’s copper rally was a huge one. But now, China’s copper squeeze is causing the metal to fall. And some think the correction could be just beginning…



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A Supplier is Warning that Cheaper EV Batteries Could Lead to a Waste Risk – What Does He Mean?

What’s New in the Aquaculture Sector? Here are 7 Startups That Look Set Up for Success

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