June 4, 2021

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What is the Next Stage for the Arctic Drilling Saga?



How Did the Fed Cause Gold to Decline?

The issue of accelerating food inflation is now upon us. Data shows a 40% gain in agricultural commodities. This is the biggest price jump in a decade…

There is a big problem off the coast of Sri Lanka and it could soon get worse. A cargo ship caught fire and is sinking now. It has already started leaking chemicals and microplastics, with  a devastating oil spill possibly coming in the future…

Protein from farmed mealworms is being produced for aquafeed. However, some feel that this feed would be good for humans. A new study shows that it actually has benefits over plant protein…



Biden Just Stopped Drilling in the Arctic – What Will Happen Next with the Issue?


Here’s Why Coal Could Be a Problem for Natural Gas if Natural Gas Hits $3

A Chinese Fishmeal Factory is Being Planned in Sierra Leone – But Natives are Pushing Back on the Idea

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