June 2, 2021

Commodity Reporters Guild

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World’s Biggest Meat Supplier is Newest Victim of Cyberattack



What is Kinder Morgan Getting Out of Stagecoach Gas Deal?

Technology has nearly taken over most industries around the world. And now, automation for fish farms is one step closer to being a reality. They plan to have farms operated remotely, by personnel on land…

Are you worried about inflation growing under Biden? If not, just look at gas prices and you will be. They are now at their highest level in 7 years…

The newest commodity to have a surge since the recovery started is coffee. Coffee prices just hit a 4.5 year high, giving them a 70% rise over the past year. And the reason all comes down to the weather in Brazil…



JBS is the World’s Biggest Meat Supplier – and the Most Recent Victim of a Cyberattack


OPEC+ Decides to Stick to Their Agreement – What Will That Mean for Oil Prices?

A Breeding Breakthrough Just Happened for Tilapia – Read Here to Learn More About It

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