June 1, 2021

Commodity Reporters Guild

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Copper is Hitting Record Highs – Here’s Why



Scientists Try for Tissue Repair with Aquaculture Waste

Hog futures have been great recently, driven by Chinese demand. But the good times may not last much longer for pork prices. A new report from a financial firm sees 2 scenarios, both of which include a big drop of sales in China…

With Biden at the helm, the nuclear agreement with Iran is back on the table. And the country is already planning to use those eased sanctions in their favor. They say they can ramp up oil production quickly, possibly to the level of 6.5 million barrels a day…

A new project in Vietnam is trying out the Shrimp-Forest farming model. This model encourages farmers to breed shrimp in mangrove habitats. But will it protect the forest and generate sustainable income like they think it will?



How China and the Push into Green Energy are Causing Copper to Hit Record Highs


Why Does a Top Analyst Think Shares of Vertex Energy Could Triple from Where They are Now?

Why is the Mining of Cryptocurrencies Now Booming in Argentina?

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