May 28, 2021

Commodity Reporters Guild

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How Rising Commodity Prices are Hurting Chinese Business



Gasfield Dividends to Myanmar Junta Halted by Oil Majors

Yesterday was not a good day for big oil. A Dutch court ordered Shell to move faster on climate goals, while a small group of activist investors took over some spots on Exxon’s board. These companies were so powerful before that it’s weird to see them look weak now…

Just yesterday, gold was back at $1,900 and there was talk of it hitting $2,000. But what a difference a day makes. Now, it’s dropped back to $1,800 territory and it looks like its recent run could be over…

With all the talk of climate goals, what does the carbon footprint of aquaculture look like? It’s hard to guess with so many species and production systems. But, overall, it seems to hold its own with other industries…



Commodities Have Been Surging Since the Recovery Started – How is It Affecting Chinese Business?


Do Farmed Salmon Spread PRV to Wild Fish? A New Study is Saying Yes

Vertex Energy Makes Deal to Buy Shell’s Alabama Refinery – and Their Stock Soars at the News

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