May 11, 2021

Commodity Reporters Guild

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What’s the Newest Commodity to Hit a Record High due to the Reopening?



Global Investment Firms Now Making Crypto Deals in Asia

The UN has a goal of using new tech to curb methane releases by 45% by 2030. And the big oil & gas producers are already on board and invested in the idea. So, why are methane emissions once again on the rise?

The largest fuel pipeline in the US was shut down Friday after a cyberattack. And now some are worried that it could bring a spike in gas prices. This spike could get even worse if the outage persists…

Here’s another sector that was affected by covid big time. Aquaculture sales in the EU fell by a whopping 17%. In particular, decreasing income sources and increasing costs from the pandemic brought them down…



What’s the Latest Commodity to Hit a Record High from the Economy Reopening? Read Here to Find Out


Even with the Company’s Shift in Climate Goals, BP Decides to Stick with US Oil Lobby

SADC Makes Plan to Boost Sub-Saharan African Aquaculture to 350,000 Tonnes a Year

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