May 8, 2021

Commodity Reporters Guild

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Copper Hits Record High – and Looks Ready to Keep Going



Will Gold’s Newest Rally Last Very Long?

Will this be a record setting year for the oil and gas sector? Many people think it will. It certainly has the right combination of factors to do so, which are laid out here…

An independent sustainability evaluator is now pushing for a change in aquafeeds. They found that using krill reduces the environmental impact of feeds, which are usually made up of soy and fishmeal. But will the industry swing that way?

Several cigarette makers have now looked to enter the cannabis market. Philip Morris is looking to do the same, but in a less traditional way. They are planning to get into cannabis with their smoke-free product line…



Copper is Hitting Record Highs – and Demand is Still Expected to Rise Even More


EVs are Supposed to be Better for the Environment – But Their Use of Lithium is Raising Environmental Concerns of Its Own

British Petroleum Now Partnering with Woodfibre LNG as They Sign 15-Year Deal

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