April 27, 2021

Commodity Reporters Guild

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How Commodity Surges are Causing the Prices of Everything to Go Up



Bitcoin is Dropping – and the Drop Could Keep Going

In the aquaculture sector, gold barramundi is a fish that is rare and highly prized. But that scarcity may soon end thanks to technology. Scientists now have plans to create a pure breeding line of the fish…

One of the more puzzling aspects of financials this year has been the price of gold. For some reason, the huge amount of money added to the economy hasn’t caused the yellow metal to rally. If that rally does come soon, you can profit off of it with these 3 stocks… 

Right now, China leads the world in energy production, producing almost double the amount of the U.S. And they plan to up their nuclear power in the future. If China leads the world in all kinds of energy, how will it affect the U.S.?



Certain Commodities Have Been Surging Big Time – and It’s Making Companies Raise Their Prices


What Advantages are There to Raising Tilapia in Saltwater Instead of Freshwater?

Soybeans Have Their Best Week in Almost 8 Years – and It’s All Because of China’s Swine Flu

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