April 8, 2021

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Why Does Bitcoin Keep Stalling at the $60,000 Mark?



Rise in Gasoline Supplies Come as Oil Prices Fall

Germany has put itself in a bad place due to the Nord Stream 2. Other countries warned them not to get too heavily invested in Russian natural gas. Now, there is a geopolitical situation unfolding that may lead to military action…

The SEC is accusing Ripple of violating securities laws by selling XRP to retail consumers. And this allegation gave Ripple the right to look at the SEC’s internal communications about cryptos. Will they find anything interesting?

Gold had its fourth consecutive gain on Tuesday…right before dropping again on Wednesday. So, what is happening next with the yellow metal? It all depends on what actions the Fed decides to take…



Bitcoin Just Cannot Break $60,000 – Why Does the Crypto Keep Falling When It Gets Close?


Why are UK Farmers Cutting Back Their Beet Crops? It All Has to Do with a Dispute Over Sugar

The Largest Fish Hatchery in the Middle East is Coming to Saudi Arabia

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