April 7, 2021

Commodity Reporters Guild

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Is Copper About to Rebound to a New 2021 High?



What Will Happen in the World of Commodities This Week?

It looks like salmon farmers may have another moneymaker on their hands…and it’s not even fish related. New research is showing that salmon waste could possibly be used to make biodegradable plastic. If this turns out to be true, that will give producers another way to profit from the fish… 

After surging in March, the price of crude oil is falling again. And most of the volatility comes from OPEC, who first kept supply restrictions in place and then changed course, deciding to increase production levels. How fast the recovery grows could determine where prices go next…

Ethereum users had to deal with some bad news during the first quarter, as transaction fees skyrocketed during the time period. The developers of Ethereum are looking to make big changes to fix the problem. But will the users who left come back when they do?



Copper Dropped by 3% in March – But Could Now Be Heading for a New 2021 High


Does Aquaculture Cause “Unparalleled Animal Welfare Threats” Like One Group of Researchers is Claiming?

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