April 3, 2021

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Why is JPMorgan Now Seeing More Institutional Opportunity with Bitcoin?



Execs Believe Oil Rebound Won’t Hurt Clean Energy

Oil and gas companies got hit hard in 2020. So, investors were happy when oil and gas stocks saw big surges on Thursday. What made them shoot up so much now?

There are many new ways that companies are trying to make aquaculture more sustainable. The newest idea involves human food scraps. They are now trying to use these scraps to raise fly larvae that can be used to feed farmed fish…

With an unfriendly stance by the Biden administration and an attempt by Iran to get more into the market, OPEC almost had to drop crude oil prices. Even while admitting the recovery is far from complete, OPEC and Russia agreed to increase oil output over the next 3 months. That was the only way they could maintain control of the global energy market…



Will Less Volatility in Bitcoin Attract Large Players to the Crypto? JPMorgan Thinks It Will


DoublePoint to be Bought by Rival Oil Producer Pioneer for $6.4 Billion

Should You Use a Trading Bot to Invest in Bitcoin? Make Sure You Know the Risks First

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