April 1, 2021

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Goldman Sachs Getting More into the Bitcoin Craze



New Report is Nothing but Bad for Indian Fish Farmers

Gold is approaching its first quarterly decline in 3 years. It has fallen in recent weeks due to the economic recovery and no one thinks it will recover at this point. However, Bitcoin is gaining ground as the yellow metal is losing it…

Netflix released a new documentary called Seaspiracy, about the environmental impact of fishing. And, as usual for Hollywood, it talks about all the problems without taking the time to even talk to anyone in aquaculture. If they had, they would know that some of these problems have already been handled…

Saudi Aramco is working to help Saudi Arabia diversify their economy. Right now, it’s primarily based on oil. Given all the hysteria against oil right now, it’s easy to see why they’d want to branch out into other sectors…



Wealthy Clients Will Now Be Able to Invest in Bitcoin Through Goldman Sachs


What Does ConocoPhillips Expect Their First-Quarter Production Volume to Be?

What was the Hottest Commodity of the Last Quarter? The Answer May Surprise You 

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