March 25, 2021

Commodity Reporters Guild

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Bitcoin Falls 10% in One Day – Is the Crypto Fading Fast?



Should Miners Be Spending More for Fresh Copper Supplies?

The U.S. government reported a much higher supply withdrawal than expected in natural gas. And natural gas futures started rallying after the announcement. Can the commodity continue to do well after the gains of the past week?

The March NASDAQ correction was hard on cannabis producer Canopy Growth. Their stock lost half its value from their 2021 high point. But all the new legalization efforts may bring it up once again…

3 Chinese-owned fishmeal factories are located in The Gambia. But residents there have been against them for the last few years, saying they cause environmental and economic damage. And the situation just got more real, as youths in the area torched one of the factories…



Bitcoin Had a Good Run, But Fell Big Time Yesterday – What Will Happen with the Crypto Now?


How Can the U.S. Offshore Aquaculture Industry Keep Growing? Here are 5 Ways

India is in a Spat with Saudi Arabia – What Will the Global Implications of This Be?

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