February 26, 2021

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Cryptocurrency Exchange Company Set to Go Public with Direct Listing



How GPS Plays an Important Part in the Future of Farming

Oil stocks haven’t been great with dividends, as that’s usually what gets cut first when prices fall. But Pioneer Natural Resources is doing things differently by formalizing a new dividend framework. Read here to find out how they plan to do it.

It was just last week when the Texas freeze brought natural gas to a 3-month high…and already natural gas futures are down 15%. They swung wildly down due to the belief that March will be unusually warm. Of course, if the weather changes, things could swing the other way again…

Now, this is an interesting way to do salmon production. World Heritage Salmon entered into an agreement with Benchmark Genetics to produce salmon in one of Norway’s abandoned mines. The salmon company is partnering with Benchmark due to the importance of genetics with land-based salmon…



Coinbase Files to Go Public – How Will the Crypto Exchange Do on the Market?


Why is the CEO of Blockstream Warning People About Selling Bitcoin for Under $50K?

WATCH: Is Gold the Same Good Investment in the 21st Century as It was Before?

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