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Are We Currently Seeing a Renewable Energy Bubble?



Japan Creates First Autonomous Combined-Cycle Power Plant

The power issue currently hitting Texas shouldn’t happen anywhere in America. It’s especially crazy that it’s happening in Texas, given that the state tops all others in energy production. You can’t blame Texans for being pissed and demanding answers…

Bitcoin is still hitting record highs, as the crypto just jumped past $51,000. At the same time, its correlation with assets such as gold and stocks is declining. Is this a good thing for investors?

Gold prices have struggled lately…and Bank of America thinks they know why. They gave 3 reasons for the current struggle the yellow metal is seeing. One of the reasons is just lack of investor interest, which seems strange after such a financially uncertain year…



Chief of Total is Now Warning That We are in a Renewable Energy Bubble – Is He Right?


WATCH: What Factors Will Affect the Price of Gold the Rest of the Week?

A New & More Advanced Aquaculture Steel Cage System Set to be Used in Scotland for the First Time

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