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Check Out These Top Oil Stocks for a 2021 Recovery



New Pipeline Announced Between Israel and Egypt

The cannabis sector has gotten off to a fantastic start in 2021. And one of the bigger winners so far is Aphria. Last week, they announced a 33% rise in sales over the previous year…

The Keystone XL project was going to be America’s first all renewable energy pipeline. But already, Biden is planning to axe the project. Maybe someone should remind him that the pipeline was started during Obama’s administration…

You gotta hand it to Elon Musk…he knows how to make things work. Right now, his SpaceX company is repurposing old oil rigs to use as launch pads. Apparently, they are already big enough to hold rocket vehicles…



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Why Should Europe Be Taking Seaweed Aquaculture More Seriously? Read Here to Find Out

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