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How to Make Money Off of Bitcoin Without Buying Any



ExxonMobil Has a New Problem – an SEC Investigation

Total, a French oil and gas company, decided to withdraw from the American Petroleum Institute. They are stating that they disagree on certain policies and that’s why they are leaving. Read here to find out what those policies are and what it could mean for the French company.

Right now, the world’s biggest crude importer is China. And crude relies so much on them that the country’s newest lockdowns have actually sent oil prices down. At this point, no one knows how much more hardship oil companies can take…

Biden made an announcement about the $1.9 trillion emergency relief package he is now trying to push through. And it made the dollar rise…but also stopped the two-day rally Bitcoin had going. Read here to find out why the announcement stopped Bitcoin in its tracks.



There’s a Way to Make a Profit Off of Bitcoin Without Buying Any – Read Here to Find Out How


Biden’s Stimulus Plan Keeps the Copper Rally Going Even Longer

GE Accuses Siemens Energy of Using Stolen Trade Secrets to Rig Bids for Gas Turbine Contracts

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