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Ouch! Bitcoin Has Biggest Plummet Since March with 20% Drop



Pearl Farming Brings Livelihood to Workers in India

Would a Bitcoin ETF be good for U.S. investors? Not in the near term, according to JPMorgan. Read here to find out why they think an ETF would send the crypto plummeting.

Bitcoin was soaring higher and higher over the last 2 weeks. But then, it started to fall as investors began to get nervous about the crypto’s meteoric rise. And that led to other cryptos getting hit with double-digit declines too…

With energy such a hot-button issue, who knows what the next year will bring to the industry? Most think a rush will be made toward clean energy, but how much faster can they go? The experts give their predictions here…



Bitcoin has Its Worst Crash Since the Pandemic Began – Falling a Whopping 20%


Here’s How Oil and Gas Make Their Contributions to the Fight Against the Coronavirus

WATCH: What’s Going on with Gold, Silver & Platinum Right Now – and Where Could They Go Next?

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