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Bitcoin Hits Big Number as Trading Volume Surges to Record High



EVs are Big on the Market – But Not as Big on the Streets

Due to the lack of demand from covid, Saudi Arabia said they will voluntarily cut production. Some are wondering if this will make the Saudis the ‘swing’ oil producer again. Read here why that’s not likely in the near future.

A whole slew of news about cryptos has been released lately, which is not surprising given how popular they are becoming. In regulatory news, the comment period for the controversial wallet rule is now closed. Then there’s what the OCC said about banks that lifted Bitcoin…

One thing that the pandemic seems to be doing is pushing innovation. And one of the areas that is seeing big innovation interest in aquaculture. Will the new technology they use during covid stick around?



Record High Trading Volume Pushes Bitcoin Past $35,000 for the First Time


A Whopping 162 Pounds of Gold Seized as Smugglers get Caught at Airport

69 Workers Got Covid in a Thai Union Plant – But the Company Vows to Keep Operations Going

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