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Gold vs Bitcoin – Which is Doing Better This Year?



Should Your 2021 Resolution Be to Buy More of These Stocks?

With everyone rushing to meet new environmental goals, the global steel industry could see 14% of their value at risk. To try and stop this drop, a Bill Gates backed company called Boston Metal is trying to decarbonize the industry. Could this save the steel industry?

With 2020 now in the books, its good to see how gold and silver did for the year. And the answer to both is very, very well. But one outperformed the other by quite a bit during the last year…

2020 was a bad year for oil prices and the industry as a whole. Not only was there far less demand, but also a price drop of about 20%. So, it’s not at all shocking that shares of ExxonMobil fell this whopping amount over the year…



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