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Trump Has a Message for His Followers About the Georgia Elections



Venezuela Finds Americans Guilty in Court Case

Denmark has mass graves for minks after covid ran through the animal population. But other troubles are now coming from this. Read here on why some people want to exhume the minks while others fear the animal could make the disease worse.

Oil is doing much better lately than it has the past few months. Vaccine news led to hopes for a rebound in global demand, which caused the commodity to make gains. Why did it drift lower at the end of the week?

With parts of Europe looking to make EVs the norm as soon as possible, Germany’s leader is going against that grain. Merkel defended the internal combustion engine, noting that we still need it. At least one person can tell we can’t rush into this…



Trump Tells His Followers to Forget the Boycott Nonsense and Vote in the Georgia Elections


China Cracked Down on Australian Coal – and Now Prices are Falling

Volkswagen has Selected Marine Biofuel Supplier GoodFuels for Their Biofuel Oil