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Nikola Stock Tanks as Investors Become Unsure of GM Deal



Uganda Sugar Millers Want Help Over “Unfair Competition”

Groupers were highly prized in Asia, but overfishing has diminished wild stocks worldwide. This led to an effort to culture grouper, but there have been difficulties. Now, using copepods at the first feeding stage is leading to improvements in grouper aquaculture growth…

Dubai just got the first coal power plant in the Arab Gulf…and it may be their last. As of now, the plant will generate 20% of their power needs. But with renewable energy getting bigger, will any other coal plants be made?

There’s no doubt it’s an uncertain world at the moment. This is why oil producers need to be ready to change and adapt quickly. And OPEC may not move fast enough for this world…



Investors Don’t Believe Nikola Can Finalize GM Deal – and Just Like That, Their Stock Falls


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After Going Up to An All-Time High Value, Bitcoin Falls Back Again