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Vaccine Hopes Send Oil to Highest Level in 8 Months



Sabic Considers Filing IPO for Specialty Chemicals Business

Fish farmers in Norway had a difficult task to do that just got a whole lot easier. They used to have to count manually for lice on salmon farms, but now a new legal ruling allows them to let automation do it. This will let them optimize their farms and increase fish welfare both…

The vaccine hasn’t even been released yet and already the markets are acting like this is over. Just news of a possible vaccine sent oil and copper up, with precious metals falling. Is this just a quick jump or a real turnaround economically?

Zimbabwe is having a big problem with gold smugglers. And when I say big problem, I mean a $1.5 billion a year problem. Read here to find out what’s going on with the country’s gold.



Positive News About a Coronavirus Vaccine Made Oil Prices Soar to Highest Level Since March


What are Virtual Power Plants and What Role Will They Play in the Future of Energy?

WATCH: How to Get Into the Oil Trading Field If You are a Beginner

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